Monday, February 18, 2008

Where I'm From

I am from the ocean, from the Atlantic and the Gulf.
I am from the East Coast, from Pennsylvania down to Florida.
I am from the sandy shores, the calming blue sea of Wilmington.
I am from big family gatherings, and crystal clear blue eyes, from Tracy and Jeffrey and the Hartmans.
I am from the poor and the well educated.
From always be kind and education is the best tool we have in this world.
I am from Catholics who cherish their knowledge and educational institutes.
I am from the Irish and the Ukrainian, wedding soup and pierogies.
From the time my mother’s strength passed away, to the many times my father was transferred, to the reconciliation of my estranged brother.I am from the photos cluttering up the mountain house walls, from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, and good old Shamokin, Pennsylvania.

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